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This foam-covered padding with restraint-free positioning option has an easyopen hook & loop fastener to let patient stand. Fits 16" and 18" wheelchair. 3" thick.
Durable foam is covered in easy-clean vinyl. Attaches to 18"–20" standard full or desk arm wheelchair with hook & loop closure. 20"W x 18"D x 4"H.

Foam-padded for comfort and vinyl-covered for easy spray and wipe cleaning. Cutouts securely position the Lap Top Cushion between armrest bars and make it more difficult for u...
Held in place by hook & loop closures, this cushion meets HCFA requirements as it releases when the user rises from the wheelchair. Covered with durable, wipe-clean vinyl. Two...

Soft, padded laptop cushion. Meets CA #117 flame retardant standards. Water-repellent vinyl cover wipes clean and is removable. Latex free.
Secures user in a wheelchair and helps to improve posture. Fits most standard width wheelchairs. Made of black vinyl-covered polyfoam that’s easy to wipe clean. Includes hidde...