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The following items are available at a discounted price for a limited time only.

Sammons Preston® Versa Form® Positioning Pillows

For customized, semi-permanent positioning anywhere contoured support is needed. Pillows are filled with small styrene beads that mold to the body's shape when air is extracted. When the valve is released, Versa Form regains its flexibility and is ready to be shaped again. Forms a firm, uniform support for all parts of the body, reducing risk of pressure points. Use to accommodate structural deformities and help control posture. Shapes and reshapes in seconds. Submerge in water for support in bathtubs and whirlpools. Easy to clean and disinfect. Includes repair kit. Vacuum pump and covers sold separately.

Versaform Repair Kit (white)  

Ito Push Chairs

A light city push chair with a modern design for maximum convenience. Folds compactly in one step, with standard postural supports remaining in place. Easily fits into a small trunk. An easy-to-use parking brake acts as a standard brake. Upholstered grey cushion and back are machine washable. Seat back is made from light, breathable net material.
The Ito Push Chairs feature:
  • Adjustable height handle

  • Foot brake

  • Height-adjustable, foldaway footplate

  • Adjustable lap belt

  • Adjustable pelvic support (width and angle)

  • 20° seat tilt (12° to 32°)

  • Removable knee cushion

  • Solid swivel 7" front castor wheels and 10" solid rear wheels

  • Two year warranty

Size 1 and Size 2 Ito are crash-tested for use with an approved four-point tie down system. They meet the requirements of ANSI/RESNA WC/Vol. 1 section 19.

Ito Push Chair  

Pelvic Harness  


Economy “Mini” Scissors

Designed for light use, these 5-7/8" (14.9cm) long scissors can be used right or left handed. Latex free.

Economy “Mini” Scissors  

ExpressAire® Disposable Luer Lock Tourniquet Cuffs

Reusable Cuff Design Enhancements include:
Adhesive for superior tensile strength at hose-to-cuff band.
Softer, more flexible hose for easy handling and reduced stress at hose-to-cuff connection.
Dependable Construction:
Each tourniquet cuff is made from a soft broadcloth material to minimize cuff creasing. The line connections are double-stitched for strength and increased stability. Firm tubing stays in position throughout the procedure.
Fit the patient and procedure:
Tourniquet cuffs come in a wide range of sizes and styles—seven single bladder sizes and two dual bladder sizes. Cuffs are coded by color so setup time is reduced and correct sizing is easy to determine.
Reduce the risk:
Disposable cuffs reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection. Sterile and ready to use, all disposable cuffs include a sized sterile
stockinette sleeve.

Disposable Bier Block Medium Cuff, 20"L x 6"W, Navy Blue, 2-Fill Line  

Disposable Bier Block Long Cuff, 26"L x 6"W, Orange, 2-Fill Line  

Disposable Bier Block Extra Long Cuff, 32"L x 6"W, Brown, 1-Fill Line  

Reusable Child Cuff, 12" L x 3.5" W, Plum, 2-Fill Line  

Reusable Bier Block Medium Cuff, 20" L x 6" W, Navy Blue, 2-Fill Line  

Reusable Medium Leg Cuff, 30" L x 4" W, Black, 2-Fill Line  

M-Brace® #584 M-SPINE Low Profile

Includes a covered thermoplastic lumbar panel and abdominal thermoplastic panel. Supports the patient at all stages of recovery. The moldable panels are to be applied post-op without delay, and kept in place throughout the rehabilitation phase. Indications: supports from sacrum to T-9 level. Post-op: following stabilizing surgery, lumbar disk surgery. Degenerative pathologies: osteoporosis, lumbar-sacral vertebrae compliant, protrusions, arthrosis. Muscular pathologies: muscular contractures. Corset acts as a corrective measure and as a support to postural defects. The front panel is 6-3/4" high, back panel is 10-1/2" high. Neoprene and latex free.


Red Kid’s Lg.  

Green XX-Large  

Blue XX-Large  

Red Kid’s Lg.  

Red XX-Large  

Easyfit Kid’s Lg.  

Vasyli® Orthotic Wedges and Additions

A full range of self-adhesive Vasyli orthotic wedges and additions have been designed to assist in creating a better position for the foot structure. The fact is all feet are not the same and often there’s a need to modify the orthotic for specific problems that require extra biomechanical control. Package of 10. Latex free.

Mixed Addition Pack. This set provides you with a sampling of the Vasyli additions. Includes 1 pair of heel lifts, forefoot varus, rearfoot varus, forefoot valgus and metatarsal raises. Size and Degrees Vary Per Pack.

Heel Lift, Small, Lift: 4mm  

Triton® Traction Unit

Innovative features include:
  • 270° Pivoting Interface

  • Easy-to-use Digital High Resolution Color Touch Screen Interface

  • Patient Data Cards record up to 14 treatment sessions including patient mapping, pain scales and pain types

  • Detailed color photos of treatment setup

  • Store up to 80 user-defined protocols – 20 each for Cervical, Lumbar, Hip and Wrist traction treatments

  • Clinical Resources Library with full color anatomical and pathological libraries

  • Indications to quickly retrieve preset treatment parameters

  • Clinical Protocols™, complete with treatment rationale for Cervical, Lumbar, Hip and Wrist traction

  • Softer and more comfortable traction pulls

  • Progressive Steps with independent timer

  • Traction in Static, Intermittent or Cycling with independent timer

  • Regressive steps with independent timer

  • Pre-tension Mode

  • Variable Speed Motor–30%, 50% and 100% speed setting parameters

  • Traction tension parameters:

– 0-200 lbs for lumbar traction
– 0-39 lbs for cervical traction
  • Can be set as a percentage of body weight

  • Patient Interrupt Switch

  • Cervical maximum poundage warning

  • Audible signal at the end of treatment or when Patient Interrupt Switch is activated

Patient Data Cards (25/pk)  

Rolyan® Economy Heat Pan DX1

Compact economy heat pan with stainless steel outside tank and plastic inside tank. Includes removable 6" deep perforated stainless steel pan and transparent, warp-resistant plastic lift-off lid. 110 Volts. UL and CSA approved. One year manufacturer's warranty. Latex free.
Inside Tank Dimensions:
11" x 18-3/4" x 6-11/16" (27.95 cm x 47.63 cm x 17 cm)
Outside Tank Dimensions:
13-3/4" x 21-3/4" x 9-1/2" (34.93 cm x 55.25 cm x 24.13 cm)

Perforated 6" (15.2cm) deep insert for DX1  

Vionic® Unisex Wave Flip Flop

The popular, iconic flip flop sandals from Vasyli feature the built-in biomechanical Orthaheel footbed. The lightweight Orthaheel supports feet while helping to realign the lower legs and improve posture. Durable rubber outsole with wave-patterned tread helps improve traction. Latex free.

White/Blue, Men's Size 5, Women's Size 6  

White/Blue, Men's Size 9, Women's Size 10  

Vasyli® Shock Absorber Orthotic

Features a mild intrinsically posted rearfoot to help reduce excess pronation and is made from soft PU and shock absorbing materials to cushion the foot. Whilst not as corrective as the standard Vasyli custom orthotics it does offer mild control not normally found in shock absorbing insoles. Built-in metatarsal raise, supporting the forefoot area. Great for supinators and can be posted using any of the Vasyli postings and additions. As a result, it gives your patient excellent comfort, biomechanical control and lasting pain relief. Sold as pairs. Latex free.


Vasyli®+McConnell SlimFit High Heel Orthotic

Developed with physical therapist Jenny McConnell, renowned as a world leader in treatment of the lower limb and taping techniques, the Vasyli McConnell orthotic is specifically designed for ladies fashion and high heel shoes. With support under the forefoot and metatarsal heads this product is designed to distribute weight evenly in the forefoot of a high heel shoe.With a tacky gel base to prevent the orthotic sliding in the shoe and a soft PU top cover the Vasyli McConnell orthotic can help relieve pain and discomfort in women's shoes. Sold in pairs. Latex free.


CanDo® Aquatic Swim Bar

Two 6" floats on 30" cushioned hand bar. Improves balance and stabilization while increasing muscle tone and flexibility. Excellent for therapeutic program aid.


Velcro® Super Hook & Loop

Velcro® Hook & Loop Brand products are available in white, beige, black and royal blue. Velcro hook & loop adheres best to dry, clean surfaces. Remove coating from low-temperature thermoplastics and soften adhesive using heating gun to facilitate stronger bond. The self-adhesive super hook & loop is a fast-acting, stronger adhesive.

1" Super Hook, Non-Adhesive White, 25 YD  


"The 20" board has a single, movable pivot point, correctly placed for users to receive all of the biomechanical advantages of the original BAPS® board. The uniqueness of the AirBAPS™ comes from its top, which has a variable inflatable bladder similar to that found in football helmets.

This bladder is easily inflated and/or deflated allowing the caregiver to control the level of stability or instability. Silk screen vectors are placed on the bladder to provide an index of the users' relationships to the pivot point and the shape of the board. As the user changes position, the stress from the exercise will change to isolate the ankle, knee, hip or back.

    • 20" Off-round, black base made of polyethylene with a 5/16" - 18 insert

    • AIr Bladder made of gray PVC vInyl silk-screened with black vectors and a blue logo

    • Pivot Ball made of a blue, flexible PVC vinyl with a 5/16" - 18 bolt

    • Pen size air pressure gauge

    • Air inflation / deflation pump

    Air BAPS  

    SafetySure® SlidEase

    Takes the strain out of boosting a patient into bed. The slick, low-friction bottom surface glides over the bed sheet. Multiple hand grips along both sides of the SlidEase provide caregivers with a variety of leverage positions.

    28"W x 72"L  

    CanDo® Eco-Friendly Non-Folding Mats

    100% toxin free, zero VOCs or off-gas. Hypoallergenic, latex free, mold- and mildew-proof, 100% recyclable with no leaching chemicals. Conforms to California Fire Retardant Code 117 T.B. Royal blue.

    5' x 7'  

    CanDo® Eco-Friendly Folding Mats

    Folds in the center to minimize storage and transportation. 100% toxin free, zero VOCs or off-gas. Hypoallergenic, latex free, mold- and mildew-proof, 100% recyclable with no leaching chemicals. Conforms to California Fire Retardant Code 117 T.B. Royal blue.

    6' x 8', Royal Blue  

    CanDo® Vari-Grip™ Hand Exercisers

    Allows patients to exercise fingers at different individual strengths at the same time. Use thumb screw to adjust tension. Palm rest doubles as "full-hand" topper. Soft finger pads and palm rest provide comfort while performing the exercises.

    Set of 5 with Display  

    Dual Balance Boards

    Affords the patient numerous benefits over traditional balance boards. Right foot operates independent of left. Rotates off of a pivot point in all three planes and spins 360°. Three pages of diagrams are included.

    Dual Balance Boards  

    Vasyli®+Armstrong II Sensitive Feet Orthotic

    Whether you are dealing with an insensate foot, a hyper-sensitive foot type, or a diabetic foot, reducing pressure and shear forces should be playing a significant roll in your patients’ orthotic treatment regime.
    Developed with podiatrist David Armstrong, renowned as a world leader in diabetic foot care, the Vasyli Armstrong II is the most advanced foot orthotic in its class. Featuring patented Glidesoft technology. The dorsal surface of the Vasyli-Armstrong II orthotic moves with the plantar surface of the foot dramatically reducing shear/frictional forces. This in-turn assists in the reduction of skin lesions and the potential for infection/ulceration.
    The VAII is re-inventing the way that leading health professionals care for sensitive feet! Ideal for the diabetic foot, patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or plantar fat pad atrophy which causes painful sensitivity issues. This orthotic offers a clinically validated and scientifically tested shear and pressure reduction solution. Customize by using a standard heat gun and/or adding Vasyli postings. Sold as pairs. Latex free.