Platinum Partner: Richmar

Known since 1968 as rugged and reliable, today’s Richmar manufactures a diverse line of quality medical devices, accessories, and pharmaceutical products for an evolving healthcare system. A constant innovator, Richmar has an ever-growing list of products serving the needs of clinicians treating musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders. Richmar products go beyond pain-relieving products and their accessories to providing solutions for today’s challenging rehab landscape.

GelShot™ Ultrasound Coupling Discs – treatments will never be the same with no mess, greater dosage control and elimination of cross-contamination worries as experienced in traditional ultrasound treatments.

HydraTherm Heating Unit & HydraHeat Packs – together these products work to lessen the risk associated with moist heat therapy in the clinic. Water tank temperatures can safely be kept at lower temperatures, mitigating the risk of patient burns. RF sealed, closed loop system heat packs do not leak or burst, keeping the tank clean of particulates, mold and offensive smells associated with traditional clay packs and stainless steel tanks. Heat packs can be easily cleaned between patients and no need for terry covers, all aiding in infection prevention.

These products and more are part of Richmar’s legacy of pioneering new technologies. Richmar proudly manufactures in Chattanooga, Tennessee.